Our customers frequently ask, “What do warts look like?” Warts obscure the normal skin lines when they form, but skin lines are visible again after a wart is successfully treated.  View these pictures of warts to help properly identify a wart.

If you are uncertain about the diagnosis of a bump, see your doctor.

Identifying Common Warts

Common warts:

  • appear as one or more flesh or gray-brown colored bumps
  • have black dots (clotted blood vessels) visible on or just below the surface
  • have a rough (hyperkeratotic) cauliflower-like appearance
  • are usually a centimeter or less in size
  • usually are few in number but can become numerous
  • usually do not hurt

What do common warts look like? These are photos of common warts:

Identifying Plantar Warts

Plantar warts:

  • appear as flat areas on the soles of feet
  • may cluster together forming a mosaic pattern
  • are pressed into the bottom surface of the foot by walking
  • are often painful
  • have small black dots (clotted blood vessels) visible when the superficial layers are removed

What do plantar warts look like? These are photos of plantar warts:

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