Wart Stick® wart removal

What is WartStick®?

WartStick® is a wart remover that has been successfully used by millions of people for over 40 years to remove common and plantar warts.

WartStick®’s unique formula contains the maximum strength of the FDA-approved ingredient, salicylic acid.

The inactive ingredients are castor oil and chlorobutanol in a waxy base.

Is WartStick® safe to use?

Yes, WartStick® has been safely used by millions of people for decades to painlessly remove warts. When used as directed, it is safe to use on adults and older children.

Please read Drug Facts for complete instructions.

Does WartStick® cause pain or scarring?

No, using WartStick® is painless, and it will not cause scarring.

Please follow all directions for proper use. Read our “Tips for Using WartStick®”

Can WartStick® be used on any type of wart?

WartStick® is for use only on Common and Plantar Warts.

WartStick® should not be used on Flat or Genital warts.

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Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Use, and always see your health care provider if you have cause for concern about your condition.

Wart Stick®: Safe, painless, and effective for common and plantar wart removal.